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Chesapeake Chair

Over-sized arms are perfect for entertaining.

Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, long lasting outdoor pieces that enhance the natural surroundings that embrace them.  We are proud of our designs and pleased to share these works with the world.

The Chesapeake Chair Design

Inspired by a classic early 20th century design, the Chesapeake Chair combines organic sweeping curves with elegant angles.  Over-sized 10″ arms comfortably accommodate a large dinner plate, cocktail or, heaven forbid, a laptop.  The cozy seat angle is right in that sweet-spot between sitting and lounging.  The split plank seat back and three plank seat allow proper drainage and create visual breaks that lighten the look of this otherwise substantial piece.


While we will consider constructing chairs in other species, we strongly recommend Spanish Cedar or Sapele. Both have beautiful grain characteristics, are rot and bug resistant and are currently considered to be a more sustainable option than other hard woods.  No matter the material you chose, we will hand select the most inspiring pieces to compliment the shape of each component of the chair.


Picture of Spanish Cedar wood after weathering

Unfinished Spanish Cedar chairs will weather to a delicate grey.

Each chair is finished by hand sanding to gently release the grain.  While a clear finish will maintain the dark richness of a wet wood, left unfinished they will gently weather to an inviting silvery grey.  We do recommend a little extra care be given to unfinished chairs but the choice is yours.


Built to last.  Each piece is tightly joined.  Fasteners are carefully hidden using yacht joinery techniques.  As a final touch, each leg is treated with a marine grade epoxy to protect the end grains from ground moisture.


Each chair is shipped fully constructed and finished to your specifications.  We are able to provide personal delivery service within the Chesapeake Bay watershed area for a nominal fee.  Other delivery arrangements are available as needed.

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