Our Story

Steven Leech

I have always been drawn to working with my hands from carpentry to yacht rigging.  My time with a boat builder in Annapolis sealed the deal for me as a craftsmen.  I was fascinated with the attention to detail in the techniques for joinery and how the grains of each piece had to be oriented for a unique purpose.  It was here that I developed my fascination with wood and woodworking.  Many of the boats we made are are still in use today 20 yrs later.  It seemed then as it does now, I’m driven by an underlying romance with the water and an aesthetic aspect to everything I’ve done.  And continue to be inspired by classic designs.

Whether its skateboards and surfing, building boats, sailing, architecture, fly fishing, mountain biking or furniture. There is a certain aesthetic flow to all of it that has always inspired me.  It’s the culmination of those things combined with a desire to build and create something lasting which drove me to start the Chesapeake Chair Company.  A chair that invites you to sit down, enjoy the view, have a conversation with friends and loved ones and that pass on for generations to tell their stories.

Jason Walker

Jason Walker

At one of my favorite joints, Archie’s Seaside Cafe, Fort Pierce Florida

I first met Steven in my early twenties when we were both working in the marine industry in Annapolis, MD.  Shortly thereafter I got a ‘real job’ where I carved out a career in and around IT.  Through the years, from time to time, Steven would invite me to work on a project with him.  I was always impressed by his craftsmanship and commitment to ‘doing it the right way’.  Each time, I remarked to myself how much I missed working with my hands and building quality and functional things.  My day job always seemed to lack that satisfaction that only working with your hands can provide.

When Steven showed me his prototype chair designs, I fell in love with them.  As he shared his ideas for building the Chesapeake Chair Company, a light bulb went off.  Steven had the creativity and craftsmanship while I brought some level of business acumen (as it turns out, I’m not terrible in the shop either).  Our skill sets were complimentary and better yet, we shared a lot of the same values of fairness, responsibility to the environment, quality, beauty and usefulness.  These values grew into the company’s guiding philosophy.

The idea of helping to bring beautiful, functional pieces to the world seemed to scratch an itch I had had for over 2 decades.  So the seeds of a business partnership were born after 20+ years of friendship.  It’s been a great journey so far and I’m looking forward to the next 20 years.