Our Philosophy


How will we talk about our business with each other, our friends, our spouses, our parents and our children?

We think the answer to this question is the best indicator of how well we are living our philosophy to always operate in a manner in which we can be proud.  At the end of each day we ask:

  • Did we treat our employees, customers, vendors and partners with FAIRNESS and respect?
  • Did we avoid wasteful activities, act as RESPONSIBLE stewards of our resources and give back?
  • Did we build QUALITY pieces that will stand the test of time (and stay out of landfills)?
  • Did we create BEAUTY?
  • Did we solve problems in USEFUL ways that improve the way people enjoy the outdoors?

If we answer yes to these questions, we know we will be excited to talk about our business and yes, brag a bit to whomever will listen.

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